TexPower was spun out of UT Austin in early 2019, aiming to commercialize the world’s first cobalt-free cathode materials that require no changes to other components of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) while enabling at least 10% higher energy density, 25% lower raw material costs, and a more secure LIB supply chain.

Lithium-ion batteries without compromises.

TexPower’s cathode materials are cobalt-free with higher energies than current commercial cathodes, that still cycle well without changes to conventional lithium ion battery components such as graphite anodes or electrolytes.

A Looming Cobalt Shortage..

Due to the booming electric vehicle market, shortages are predicted by 2025, even without considering trade wars or pandemics.

Cobalt reliance is an economic and security threat. Nearly 65% of worldwide cobalt is mined from the Congo often under inhumane working conditions. Additionally, China has aggressively cornered the cobalt supply chain for their electric vehicle market, purchasing cobalt mines and controlling >80% of cobalt refining worldwide.

All companies are trying to minimize cobalt

While many companies are trying to minimize their cobalt content, TexPower has the world’s first material that is cobalt-free while still maintaining its high energy and works with current lithium ion battery components, e.g. graphite anodes or electrolyte. Current commercial cobalt-free alternatives are much lower in energy density or require significant R&D development.

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